Our sole mission as PTA leaders is to advocate on behalf of children and families. But what does that mean? It means that we stand for our children and we give them a voice. Having a legislation chair is vital to keeping our board members and school communities informed and active. For me, I know that I had never quite felt that I understood enough to be a Legislation chair… that the concepts were too far out there and that all of the jargon was tricky. I also know how hard it can be at the unit level to get parents involved. I also know that you cannot simply snap your fingers and make a volunteer appear.
Things You Can Do:
  1. Recruit a Legislation Chair … Consider a parent who seems informed and passionate about the issues – who follows the news and wants to create positive change.
  2. As President, keep up on the issues and involve your board and chairs in the discussion about issues – here are some great resources for your entire team.
  3. Consider a short update at board and association meetings – helping Parents find resources to stay informed. Keep in mind that we cannot tell them what to think or how to vote but we can help them stay up on issues concerning their community and children – check out this handy chart:
  4. Keep it Simple – Legislation does not need to be a hard or scary concept. We all care about our children… and the decisions that are being made at the State and Local level are vital to our children. We don’t need to get caught up in the jargon, instead, help people to easily understand the issues.
Of our 30 units, we only have 5 Legislation chairs… we can do better. Our children and members are depending on us to give voice to those who cannot speak for themselves.
Thank you in advance for all you do the children of Torrance and beyond!
cc: Rouchell Duncan, TCPTA 8th VP of Legislation & Advocacy