Resources, guidelines, ideas, and examples of ways for PTAs to effectively communicate to their communities:

      1. Thirty-Third District PTA’s Communications Award Forms and Information:
        • Thiry Third District PTA Communication Awards will resume in 2016-17. Stay tuned for a process that is new and updated.

          Communications awards have been given for:

          • Newsletter (hard copy)
          • E-Bulletin (email)
          • Website (not web page within another site)
          • Social Media Pages (public)
      2. General PTA “Communications” Information & Visual Identity
      3. General Guidelines for Email Communication:
        • Use the subject line to identify the entity and sub-entity.
        • Change the subject line to fit the content—when the conversation shifts, so should the subject line.
        • If this is the first time you’ve emailed someone on PTA business, identify yourself in the body of the email and/or with your title and the name of your PTA.
        • Think about who needs an answer. “Reply all” has its place; sometimes it is a time saver if all are in the loop, but mostly replying to the sender or to the person you were asked to reply to is best. So specify in your email how you want people to reply.
        • Be careful with your PTA email and mailing lists. Do not use them for anything except PTA and school business. Do not share them. E-mail Etiquette and Tips
      4. Newsletter:
      5. Website:

Good luck and happy communicating!