Project HOPE

Torrance is home to families from all walks of life and although many families enjofinancial stability, some of our neighbors have fallen on tough times. The mission of thTorrance Council of PTAs is to promote the safety and welfare of our children and it iwith this mission in mind that Project HOPE (Helping Our People Everyday) was born.
TCPTA’s newest initiative sought to provide support to Torrance families in need. Project HOPE, now in its third year, served nearly 80 families in the Torrance Unified SchooDistrict by supplying back to school clothing and supplies, personal hygiene items, anfood care packages during Summer and Spring Break. The emergency housing angrocery store vouchers supplied by the program helped Torrance families find temporary housing and ensured that TUSD children did not go hungry.  In addition to providinfamilies with basic necessities, TCPTA also partners with PTA units to donatHalloween costumes and prom dresses for students many of whom would likely have gone without the little luxuries that make childhood special. We are grateful for thoutpouring of support from the units and wider Torrance community whose participation and love made this program possible.