"Heroes Around Me"

Hello 2018-19 PTA Presidents and Reflections Chairmen,


My name is Terie Tinsley and I am returning for one more year as the 2018-19 Reflections Chair for Torrance Council of PTA's (TCPTA).  I want to thank all of you, once again, for taking on a wonderful and important program.  


Below I am (AGAIN) attaching all the information I gave you in the workshops. (Those who did not attend, the handouts were given to the school president).  Several of these attachments are intended to give you a timeline by which to get things done, and what needs to be done.  ORGANIZE and plan ahead...

I know that is still summer, but a little prep work during the summer helps to run the program at the school "less-stressfully."  These might be what I would be thinking about now....

1.  Plan how you might advertise the program at the school:
     a. Make a COLORFUL poster - pdf is attached below.  Just

         add your contact info and deadline.

     b. Consider using the school Website (contact the school 


2.  Look into potential candidates for judges for your entries (yes,

     you can reuse the judges you used last year)

3.  Making Master Copies of the ENTRY forms and RULES,

     double sided - filled in with as much info you can fill in (school

     name, your contact info).
     a.  Have available at a central site at your school (suggest the

          school office).

     b.  If you choose to make copies of forms, PTA gets deep

          discounts at Office Depot with your PTA Card.


Monday OCTOBER 15, 2018 - "Suggested turn in date" for you to make at your schools.  You just need to take into consideration if all the entries you get, will be able to be judged and ready to be submitted to me TCPTA, by November 1st.  Adjust if you feel necessary.

Thursday, NOVEMBER 1, 2018 - Mandatory turn in date for entries to TCPTA will be at the TUSD District Office Conference Room between 8:30 am - 11:30 am.

Check with your school PTA for your "Reflections' Budget", so you are aware what you have available to spend. - keep your receipts, and submit for reimbursements.

  - A question was asked of me was, "Where could the budgeted money be used?" My experiences were for Xeroxing and Awards at the end of your school's program.  If you don't have an overwhelming participation, consider even "awarding" participation.


If you have any questions, I am here..
Terie Tinsley (TCPTA Reflections Chair)
(310)714-9897 text preferred please

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