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Torrance Council of PTAs Executive Board Endorses Measure SST

Earlier this month, the Torrance Council of PTAs Executive Board voted to support and endorse Measure SST, a Torrance city sales tax measure on the ballot this June. See the note below from board president, Terry Ragins.

Additional information about the Measure can be found here and in this informational flyer.

2021-2022 Torrance City Sales Tax Flyer
Download PDF • 254KB


"Dear Torrance Council of PTAs Association Member,

This letter is to inform you that on Wednesday, April 13, 2022 the Executive Board of Torrance Council of PTAs voted to support and endorse Measure SST, the Torrance City sale tax measure on the ballot for June 6, 2022. The informational flyer about Measure SST, from the website, is attached.

As a voting member of our Torrance Council Association, please review the information about Measure SST. Please feel free to reply with feedback, questions, issues, or concerns that you might have to , and/or call or text Torrance Council President Terry Ragins, 310-408-4482.

Please take a moment to provide any input you might have, via email or phone, by Friday April 22, 2022. All responses are important in determining whether to offer full TCPTA Association support for Measure SST.

A support position for Measure SST by TCPTA Association would mean that Unit PTAs could then advocate for the measure, and/or take a support or neutral stance with regards to the measure. However, a PTA Unit would not be able to take a stance against the measure as that would be in opposition to the Torrance Council stance.

Of course, each private person is entitled to decide how to vote for themselves and how to advocate as a private person. This support position of Measure SST by TCPTA Association would only affect your advocacy as a PTA leader.

Hoping to hear from all TCPTA Association voting members. TCPTA represents you, but needs to hear from you to accurately represent your views.

Please provide any input by Friday April 22, 2022.

Regards, Terry Ragins, Torrance Council of PTAs President

Jan Hirata, Torrance Council of PTAs 1st VP of Leadership

Michelle Van Lerberghe, Torrance Council of PTAs Parliamentarian

Nannette Nolan, Torrance Council of PTAs 8th VP of Advocacy & Legislation"

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