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Torrance Council of PTAs 2022-23 REFLECTIONS
Award of Excellence Winners
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High School- Adrienne Gonzalez (Torrance High): 

       Be Seen As I Am Through Dance

Middle School- Nicholas Jerez (Jefferson): The Way I Am

Intermediate- Stella Woods (Anza): My Voice is Who I Am

Primary- Rishani Jogu (Seaside): Raise Your Voice Be Kind


Film Production

High School- Eliana Cheng (West High): Go On

Middle School- Erin Dai (Jefferson): Complexity of Covid-19

Intermediate- Emma Guzman Salvatierra (Lincoln): Think Globally, Act Locally

Primary- Mia Smith (Edison): Dancing Makes You Happy



High School- Angelina Hie (North High): The Absence of Silence

Middle School- Kalei Plazo (Casimir): The Typewriter

Intermediate- Riaan Gupta (Towers): Anyone and Everyone Can Show

       Their Voice and Make a Difference

Primary-  Emi Dysim (Arnold): Showing Your Voice


Music Composition

High School- Leah Ho (West High): You

Middle School- Deanna Ho (Bert Lynn): Rain

Intermediate- Kaitlyn Chen (Seaside): Finding My Voice

Primary- Hannah Park (Walteria): Show Your Voice



Special Artist- Kotaro Fujita (South High): Show My Voice

High School- Emi Kobayashi (West High): A Prayer For Life

Middle School- Aidan Mack (Magruder): For All Generations to Come

Intermediate- Elsa Schmunk (Anza): Standing Up to Ocean Pollution

Primary- Krishnamurthi Sree Ram (Victor): Show Your Voice Against

        Child Hunger


Visual Arts

Special Artist- Matthew Bang (West High): I Want to See Us Together

High School- Haley Park (Torrance High): Voices on Canvas

Middle School- Annabel Yoon (Richardson): Voices Matter

Intermediate- Jaehan Park (Hickory): No Bully

Primary- Manya Patel (Towers):  My Rooted Voice

Torrance Council of PTAs Reflections Awards Presentation 2023

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