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Introducing Our Special Education Taskforce: A New Chapter in Family Engagement
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The new Torrance Council of PTAs Special Education Taskforce is dedicated to understanding and supporting the unique needs of TUSD special education (SPED) families. We want to take the feedback to learn how our Council and PTAs can connect and partner with our SPED families, so every child and youth benefit and thrive from our collective efforts. Reach out with any questions

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How You Can Help

How PTAs Can Support

Your Voice Matters

We believe in the power of listening. That's why we're reaching out to SPED families and educators for insights and experiences. Your feedback is crucial in shaping our mission and strategies. Share your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions to help us make a tangible difference.

Get Involved

There are many ways to contribute to this important work:

  • Join the Taskforce: Bring your perspective and skills to the team.

  • Information Sessions: Attend our sessions to learn more, share your experiences, and connect with others.

  • Volunteer: Support our initiatives through various volunteer opportunities tailored to your availability and interests.

To start serving the special education community effectively, PTAs can initiate simple yet impactful actions that foster inclusivity and support.


Here are some straightforward ways for PTAs to begin:

  1. Create a Special Education Committee: Form a committee within the PTA dedicated to addressing the needs and concerns of the special education community. This committee can serve as a liaison between special education families and the PTA, ensuring their voices are heard and their needs are addressed. Explore the Outreach job description and adapt to your PTA.

  2. Host Welcome Meetings: Work with your school site to organize informal welcome meetings or orientation sessions specifically for families new to the special education program. This can provide them with valuable information about the resources available and introduce them to a supportive community from the start.

  3. Survey Special Education Families: Conduct surveys or hold focus groups with special education families to understand their specific needs, concerns, and suggestions for how the PTA can best support them. Use this feedback to guide the PTA's initiatives.

  4. Provide Information and Resources: Compile and distribute a resource guide that includes information about local special education services, support groups, advocacy organizations, and educational resources. Make this guide easily accessible to all families.

  5. Offer Inclusive Events and Programs: Ensure that all PTA-sponsored events and programs are inclusive and accessible to children with disabilities. This could involve providing accommodations such as sign language interpreters, quiet rooms, or sensory-friendly activities. Explore assessment and planning tools here.

  6. Educate the School Community: Organize workshops or presentations for parents, teachers, and students on topics related to disability awareness and inclusion. These sessions can help build a more supportive and understanding school community.

  7. Collaborate with Special Education Staff: Work closely with special education teachers, aides, and administrators to understand how the PTA can support their work and enhance the educational experience of students with disabilities.

  8. Celebrate Inclusive Practices: Recognize and celebrate teachers, students, and programs that exemplify inclusive practices and positively impact the special education community.

  9. Communicate Effectively: Ensure that all communication from the PTA is accessible to families with diverse needs. This may include providing materials in various formats and using clear, straightforward language.

  10. Continue to Grow & Build: Make sure that your Special Education programs and partnerships are shared and understood by your incoming board, so that your efforts continue on even after you're no longer leading. 

Starting with these actions can help PTAs make a significant difference in the lives of students with disabilities and their families, fostering a more inclusive and supportive school environment.

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