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Torrance Council of PTA s Complaint Policy

If you have a complaint about a PTA in Torrance Council, please review the complaint policy and procedure below, and complete the Complaint form.

TCPTA Complaint Form

Click link to file a complaint

Torrance Council of PTAs Code of Conduct

The Torrance Council of PTAs is a youth-serving, volunteer-based organization dedicated to providing leadership training to PTA leaders serving in Torrance Unified School District, promoting the mission and values of PTA across Torrance PTA units, and providing conflict resolution, support and mentorship.

PTA board members and volunteers are expected to act with integrity and honesty, for these are the hallmarks of all conduct when working with colleagues within PTA and equally when dealing with individuals and institutions outside it.

The Torrance Council of PTAs expects all PTA leaders and volunteers to adhere to the California State PTA Professional Governance Standards, which define the guiding principles. Any PTA leader or volunteer who violates these standards could be subject to removal from the PTA program(s) from which they serve.

For the California State PTA Professional Governance  Standards, visit:

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