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Creating Diverse & Inclusive PTAs Starts with US!

Creating diverse, inclusive, and equitable PTAs is a win-win for everyone involved—enriching our school communities with varied perspectives and experiences that benefit all students and families.


While building such an environment takes dedication and effort, the rewards are immense: a more connected, understanding, and supportive community where every member feels valued and empowered.

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Planning Inclusive PTA Events Workshop & Roundtable

Available On-Demand


Don't miss out on the "Planning Inclusive Events Workshop & Roundtable"! It's your chance to discover the tips and tools to organizing events that serve everyone in your community. You'll also get to hear from local PTA leaders about the amazing work they're doing to foster inclusivity.  

Calendar Pages

Tools for Planning More Inclusive PTA Events


Torrance Council DEI Toolkit

Build a more welcoming and inclusive PTA.  Explore our new Torrance Council of PTAs Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Toolkit.

Also, check out our Forms page for more great links!


Diversity & Inclusion Job Aid

Thinking about how you can create a more inclusive, welcoming PTA that represents all families and children?

Drive membership, community engagement and build a stronger PTA with this helpful starting point.


California PTA DE&I Tools

Don't stop with the National PTA resources. Our own California State PTA has been growing its resources as well and you can find additional tools and another PTA group's own toolkit here at the CA PTA site.


National PTA Diversity Toolkit

Don't start from scratch. The National PTA has developed a wealth of resources to help you assess, plan, execute and measure your diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. 


Assess & Plan Your DE&I Journey

PTA Local Leader Guidance for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Use this guide to assess where your PTA is – and where your PTA is headed – on your DEI journey


Family Engagement Resources

Welcoming families into our schools starts with us. Looking for ideas to engage families and helping them see their role in our school communities?

Here are some tools you might find helpful.

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