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Torrance Council of PTAs 2023-24 REFLECTIONS

Torrance Council of PTAs (TCPTA) will be honoring our winners at our Reflections Celebration on Thursday, March 28th at 6pm, at North High School's PAC (Performing Arts Center).

TCPTA winners will be honored with certificates from Torrance Council of PTAs, TUSD, City of Torrance, and our State Representatives. Light refreshments will also be served.  

We sincerely hope you will join us!

Torrance Council of PTAs 2023-24 Winners
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High School

  • 1st Place - Adrienne Gonzalez (Torrance High): Imagine More

Middle School

  • 1st Place - Yoona Chung (Richardson): I am Hopeful Because We Have Passion to Change the World

  • 2nd Place - Tania Ralhan (Bert Lynn): Chase Your Dreams

  • Honorable Mention - Nicholas Jerez (Jefferson): Overcoming Anxiety


  • 1st Place - Aditri Majumder (Seaside): I am hopeful for the World to be Beautiful and Healthy

  • 2nd Place - Caroline Hetrick (Walteria): Hope For Myself

  • Honorable Mention - Jovianne Chen (Towers): Dancing on Stars

  • Honorable Mention - Makana Pisapia (Edison): Hopeful in Dance

Primary - No qualifying winners


Film Production

High School

  • 1st Place - Anjali Vaghasia (North): Unstoppable

Middle School

  • 1st Place - Midori Yanone (Madrona): I am Hopeful Because I Have a Great Family

  • 2nd Place - Tania Ralhan (Bert Lynn): Hopeful For Harmony


  • 1st Place - Neil Yakkundi (Hickory): Finding Peace Inside Out

  • 2nd Place - Ricky Kim (Arlington): I am Hopeful Because of Recycling


  • 1st Place - Riaan Gupta (Towers): Traveling Gives Us Hope

  • 2nd Place - Jannah Lathief (Hickory): I am Hopeful For the World



High School 

  • 1st Place - Matilda Barth (South): The Brightest Ally

  • 2nd Place - Bernice Nkemnji (West): My hope for the world

Middle School

  • 1st Place - Hanna Jenica Cayabyab (Bert Lynn): Hope IS me

  • 2nd Place - Ayush Kumar (Jefferson): Desert Flower


  • 1st Place - Emi Takushi (Arlington): Mighty T - The heart warrior

  • 2nd Place - Rachel Tiffany Wong (Walteria): Let's cure climate change


  • 1st Place - Daphne Zivic (Towers): One small hope, one big future

  • 2nd Place - Ethan Oneal (Walteria): Harold saves the world


Music Composition

High School

  • 1st Place - Leah Ho (West High): Finding You

  • 2nd Place - Deshan Biswas (South): Pursue

Middle School

  • 1st Place - Isabella Presti (Bert Lynn): Shooting Star

  • 2nd Place - Aaron Hsieh (Calle Mayor): Hope

  • Honorable Mention - Christopher Foes (Jefferson): Hope and Dreams


  • 1st Place - Jude Engoy (Hickory): My Life is Bright

  • 2nd Place - Joshua Bahng (Towers): Stepping Stone

  • Honorable Mention - Hannah Park (Walteria): I am Hopeful Because I'm a Kid!


  • 1st Place - Emma Bahng (Walteria): Music Dreams



Special Artist - Kotaro Fujita (South High): Infinity

High School

  • 1st Place - Phoebe McClain (South): Resilience and Hope

  • 2nd Place - Anjali Vaghasia (North): Peace

Middle School

  • 1st Place - Ian Kye (Madrona): Hopeful beings

  • 2nd Place - Melissa Mack (Magruder): True Colors

  • Honorable Mention - Connor Hall (Calle Mayor): The world has beauty everywhere


  • 1st Place - Elle Grace Kim (Walteria): I am hopeful because loves makes me brave

  • 2nd Place - Madeline Kim (Hickory): In Bloom

  • Honorable Mention - Jovianne Chen (Towers): Soaring through space


  • 1st Place - Lukas Hernandez (Arlington): Bright Light

  • 2nd Place - Daniel Hart (Edison): The Puppy

  • Honorable Mention - Riann Gupta (Towers): Mother's love is the biggest hope in all species


Visual Arts

Special Artist - Matthew Bang (West High)

High School

  • 1st Place - Sophia Yoshimura (West): Symphony

  • 2nd Place - Sara Qian (South): My Ligh

  • Honorable Mention - Danica Strawn (North): The world in my hands

Middle School

  • 1st Place - Ian Suk (Richardson): Musical Dream

  • 2nd Place - Ian Chung (Madrona): Big Dreams

  • Honorable Mention - Roseanne Mok (Bert Lynn): Through the door to hope


  • 1st Place - Niara Shetty (Edison): Saving Animals

  • 2nd Place - Yura Yoshihara (Hickory): The dreamer

  • Honorable Mention - Elliot Song (Walteria): Art is my hope


  • 1st Place - Eileen Lee (Hickory): I believe in unicorns

  • 2nd Place - Ryan Choe (Anza): I am hopeful because I can dream about the future and it can become true

  • Honorable Mention - Isabel Delfin (Arlington): Thriver

  • Honorable Mention - Jackson Lee (Walteria): We are all friends

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