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Red Ribbon Week

Help our students say no to drugs during Red Ribbon Week!

      October 23 - 31, 2022

Red Ribbon Week Theme 2022_NFP.jpg

The 2022 theme is "Celebrate LIFE. 

  Live Drug Free."

Aids Ribbon

Here's some important information from our Red Ribbon Week Chair.

After you have completed your Red Ribbon Week activities, please fill out and turn in the Red Ribbon Activities Week Report to the Torrance Council Red Ribbon Week chair and Torrance Council docs email.

2022 fillable form

More Info at the National Red Ribbon Week website

Red Ribbon Week Resources & Ideas

Here's some ideas from Hickory Elementary.  They created videos for each day and students took a drug free pledge at the end of the week.  Check out these ideas!  (October 2022)

Sample Red Ribbon Week Flyers:

Red Ribbon Week flyer.png
RRW flyer (print friendly).png

Sample Pledge Certificate:


Here's a video geared for elementary students to encourage them to say no to peer pressure and drugs   (October 2021)

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