Mentor Information

Torrance Council of PTAS strives to make sure our units have all the support that they need to be successful. Our Mentor Program is one way we provide that support.

Mentor Guidelines 2020-2021


  1. Make sure you introduce yourself at an executive board meeting and reach out to your mentee via email.

  2. Establish what the best line of communication is. You want to have an open line of communication.

  3. Maintain communication with your mentee but try not to be overbearing.

  4. Research through the unit’s by-laws for the dates of all future board and association meetings and confirm with your mentee the time and location of the meetings and explain you will be attending so you are able to assist them if needed and provide support.

  5. Good mentorship is based on a trusting relationship.

  6. As a mentor, you are encouraged to join the units you will be providing leadership for. If this creates a financial burden for you, please contact the Council President.



Council President Denise Spellman can be reached at: 

Mentor Training Video

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