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What You Should Be Doing Now

Here are resources to help you lead your team with confidence and finesse. If you ever need a hand, please reach out to your mentor or We're here to help!

Beware of Scams
Protect Your Units...

Beware of emails coming from scammers posing as actual board members. The name on the email might have a board member's name but if you look at the email address, you'll notice that the emails do not match the real email address. 


  • DO NOT perform wire transfers, cut checks or purchase gift cards via email requests - Verify the expense, determine if it a legit request and follow financial procedures. Any approved vendors, invoices, contracts, expenditures should have been made known to your board and approved by associations. 

  • DO NOT cut checks even when the email indicates the need is urgency or emergency. Scammers are creating these false scenarios where they need payment and quick. Pick up the phone and call the president or board member directly to ensure they are who they say they are. Follow approved PTA guidelines. Not sure what to do? Email to get the answer. 

  • TWO check signers are required to cut checks, and only to vendors who you are already doing business with or have been approved. New vendors or companies that were not already indicated in minutes or already approved should be a big warning sign. 

  • DO let us know if you have received scam emails. Don't forget to include the email address the email is coming from. 

  • DON'T open attachments from untrusted or unknown email addresses. Viruses and malicious spyware is a very real threat. 

  • Consider posting only one or two main email addresses on your PTA website (not financial team's email) for members to reach out. Somehow these folks are getting our email addresses and names and are impersonating us - safeguard member info. 


There are also a number of phone scams - people calling to indicate past due bills, legal action, tax issues. Take down all information but do not give out any information. Contact Council if you are contacted and there is suspicion that this is a scam. 


Don't mean to scare everyone but cyber security is becoming a bigger issue and we have to be sure that we are protecting our members and associations. Reach out with any concerns or questions. Consider this as a board discussion when you're back at school and ensure that everyone knows how bills/invoices are handled. 


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