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Two New Resources for Advocacy

As any PTA leader can tell you, we spend a lot of time supporting our school communities as volunteers and fund raisers. We are familiar with family movie nights, reading programs, classroom and library helpers, art docents and so much more. However, often, our primary aim, advocacy, gets lost in the long list of all of the fantastic things we do for our children and school communities.

We are pleased to introduce two new sections of the Torrance Council of PTAs website that help you to dive deeper into advocacy and find ways to drive more inclusion and equity. Each month, these two sections will grow to support your ongoing development as a PTA leader and advocate.

New Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Page

Diversity, equity and inclusion have different meaning and implications. This resource gathers tools from both the National PTA and California State PTA to help you get started in your own efforts. Explore the resources here.

New Legislation Resource Page

We've also gathered tools from National PTA and California State PTA to support your advocacy efforts. You'll find:

  • Legislation Chair Toolkit

  • Ed100 Self-guided Learning Platform

  • Upcoming Legislation Conferences

And in the coming months, we'll continue to grow resources in this section. With mid-term elections and big items on our ballots, its vital to stay informed and help our school communities stay abreast of the issues that will impact their lives. Check out these resources.

Questions about these two focus areas?

Reach out to Nannette Nolan, director of legislation and diversity, equity and inclusion chair at or join us at one of her Advocacy & Inclusion office hours.

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