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Teaching Hard History Speaker Series

Register for our Virtual Speaker Series Sixth District PTA is proud to once again be offering a virtual speaker series for parent education and to continue to advance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion work within our region.

The Teaching Hard History Speaker Series follows the passing of the Teaching Hard History: American Slavery in K-12 Education Resolution put forth by Sixth District PTA's current Director of Advocacy - Tiffany Landry.

Join us for an evening with Astrid Grahn-Farley as we discuss:

SURVEY OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN INTELLECTUAL HISTORY Our program will cover the African-American experience from pre-colonial Africa, colonialism and slavery, the Civil War, Reconstruction, Great Migration, Harlem Renaissance, Civil Rights Movement, and into modern times. We will focus on the art, literature, and cultural concepts that came from black people in America during the different time periods. We will hear clips of speeches and songs (including the Negro Spiritual) and readings from books and other primary sources.

Speaker Bio: Astrid Grahn-Farley was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and is currently a student at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland, where she studies English Literature and the French and Russian languages. Having grown up on two continents, with a Swedish-Korean mother and a Jamaican-American father, Astrid has always been fascinated by observing how different societies interact with each other, and the ways in which these interactions are shaped by history. She would like to become a teacher or interpreter, because teaching and translating are both ways of sharing knowledge and perspectives.

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