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Zoom Webinar: The Arts are a Student Right! Steps to Make Schools More Creative February 3 at 6pm

Become an advocate for arts education! Every student has a right to creative expression. Arts programs provide outlets for expression, build resiliency and improve academic performance. Students in your school district should have access to these opportunities.

  1. Understand your rights to participate in the LCAP process and why it is important to advocate for your child’s education

  2. Learn more about the role of school site committees working on LCAP and the process at your school

  3. Discuss the LCAP family survey and ways to include the arts in survey responses

  4. Discover where to find district priorities emerging for the next year and gain a better sense of your school board meetings and public comment

  5. Find out how to contact your school board

Bonus: Walk away with ready-to-use tools from Create CA, CA PTA, Arts for LA and Arts Education Alliance of the Bay Area that will support you in advocating for a creative education for all students in your district.

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